2022 AMBER Alert Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule


Tuesday 19, 2022   10am - 12pm

ODPS Conference Room 1106


Tuesday 20, 2022   10am - 12pm

ODPS Conference Room 1106


Tuesday 13, 2022   10am - 12pm

Ohio EMA Building, Room 104 - 2855 West Dublin-Granville Road, Columbus, Ohio 43235


Tuesday 12, 2022   10am - 12pm

ODPS Conference Room 1106

Ohio AMBER Alert Advisory Committee Members

Brent Currence

Ohio Attorney General’s Office

Christine Merritt

Ohio Association of Broadcasters

Clark Donley

Mid-Ohio AMBER Alert Committee

Chief Clayton Harris

Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police

Sheriff Ronald Myers

Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association

Brian Castner

Emergency Management Agency

Leslie Bricker

Ohio Department of Transportation

Paul Jellison

State Emergency Communications Committee

Kristin Beggs

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Kathryn Farmer

Victim’s Advocate

Harry Trombitas

Community Member

Teresa Teeple

Ohio Department of Aging

Captain Matthew Warren

Ohio State Highway Patrol